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Health City Cayman Islands is a medically advanced tertiary hospital located near High Rock in the district of East End in Grand Cayman. We are a unique model of healthcare, built with a focus on the patient and rooted in innovative business models that allow the delivery of high quality, affordable care. As an internationally accredited centre of global excellence, we attract patients from the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean, the U.S. and Latin America.

In April 2015, just over a year after we opened, our facility earned the prestigious Gold Seal of Approval from Joint Commission International (JCI), the worldwide leader in accrediting the quality of healthcare. We are the largest hospital in the Caribbean to be accredited by JCI, and our patient services reflect those high standards of care.

The renowned surgeons and medical specialists at Health City Cayman Islands received training at some of the best academic centres in the world. Utilising best practices, infection prevention protocols, and evidence-based techniques, we have attained high quality global rankings, including infection rates that are lower than most U.S. hospitals.

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Opening soon, our brand new Radiation Oncology Centre is bringing cancer care closer to home. As the first phase of our fully integrated Cancer Care Centre in Camana Bay and the first of its kind in the Cayman Islands, we are proud to be here for you every step of the way. https://t.co/pVVnCN9sah HealthCityCI photo

Visiting Hours:

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
5:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Orthopedic Surgery

Health City Cayman Islands’ orthopedic surgeons apply advanced techniques to address a broad spectrum of orthopedic conditions, helping patients return to a pain-free, functional lifestyle.

Adult and Pediatric Cardiology

Health City Cayman Islands’ top cardiac surgeons offer a full range of cardiology and cardiac healthcare services, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and after-care education.

Stroke Prevention Screening (CAFE)

Health City Cayman Islands’ free stroke prevention screening significantly decreases the odds of having an AFib-related stroke.

Take control of your health TODAY.

Health City Cayman Islands provides general and cardiac Executive Health Checks designed to identify risks and prevent future disease