Health City Cayman Islands

Health City Cayman Islands, scheduled to accept its first patients in early 2014, will open with a state-of-the-art, tertiary care hospital in Grand Cayman, as a center of excellence in the following areas

  • Cardiac surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics

Over the next decade, the hospital will expand to a 2,000-bed facility, and expects to be a JCI (Joint Commission International, USA) Accredited facility providing care in all major specialties including neurology, oncology and other cutting edge tertiary care services. The complex is also planned to have a medical university and an assisted-care living community.

Health City Cayman Islands is the vision of famed India heart surgeon Dr. Devi Shetty. As Chairman of Narayana Health,  he oversees a network of 26 hospitals across 16 cities in India. Narayana Health is joined in the first phase of the project by Ascension, the largest private not for profit faith-based health system in the United States.

Narayana Health (NH) and Ascension share compatible values: NH has a commitment to care for people regardless of their ability to pay, and Ascension is dedicated to furthering its mission of serving all persons with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable.

The relationship between Ascension and Narayana Health was begun through TriMedx, a healthcare equipment services company that is a subsidiary of Ascension Holdings. TriMedx has begun providing biomedical engineering services to NH in Bangalore, India, through its subsidiary TriMedx International.

The Health City Cayman Islands initiative gives the partners the opportunity to positively impact the care being provided in the Caribbean region.

In addition to providing high-quality healthcare to residents of the Cayman Islands, this initiative will also serve those who are poor and vulnerable by providing them high-quality healthcare services.

Ascension will provide facility planning, supply chain management and biomedical engineering services to the project, while Narayana Health will provide technical input and direction to the Cayman team.

The hospital is near High Rock in the East End District of Grand Cayman. The first phase is built by the Cayman Healthcare Construction Group, a joint venture between Caledonia Construction Cayman and healthcare construction specialists Deangelis Diamond Healthcare Group.


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