Young Interns Get a Taste of Life In Healthcare

Young Interns Get a Taste of Life In Healthcare

(October 14, 2014) – Approximately 150 students will benefit from internships at Health City Cayman Islands, over the next seven months. Students from Cayman Islands Further Education Center (CIFEC), Clifton Hunter, John Gray high school and other private schools will all get to learn more about opportunities for careers within Cayman’s healthcare industry.

Richard Parchment, Business Development & Government Liaison, Health City Cayman Islands, who is heading the programme, said students from CIFEC will gain tremendous insight into the workings of the hospital.

“We are offering CIFEC students a year long programme for year twelve students. We will have 19 students per week, all enjoying first hand introductions into the various departments within the hospital, giving them a broad experience that they will hopefully enjoy and want to investigate further as far as their career choices are concerned,” he said. “Students will begin their intern practice working in such departments as Cardio Thoracic, Laboratory, ICU/Anesthesia, Orthopedic, Nursing, Administration, Maintenance, Front Office and Marketing.”

Mr Parchment continued that public and private school students in years nine and ten are also being offered week-long internships.

“In the next few months we anticipate welcoming around 40 students from the public and private schools. Teachers will choose which students are appropriate for participating and the criteria for being included will be those students who show a particular aptitude for maths and sciences and who are looking to advance their studies in these fields,” he advised.

Health City Cayman Islands Director Gene Thompson said the opportunity being offered by Health City was really important for young Caymanians looking to work in the medical field.

“Our interns will enjoy a hands-on experience at Health City” he advised. “The day will begin with an early morning session to discuss the previous day and there will be two lectures daily from various departments. This is a tremendous chance for young people to really immerse themselves in the workings of a highly professional healthcare organisation. Because they will be exposed to so many different facets of the medical field, we are confident the experience will stimulate a great deal of interest for future careers at Health City Cayman Islands.”

Mr Thompson thanked Minister of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs, Hon Tara Rivers, Councilor Winston Connolly, Deputy Chief Officer Mr. Christen Sukoo and Chief Education Officer Mrs. Shirley Wahlerfor their time and support in making this initiative possible.Councilor Winston Connolly visited Health City recently to speak with the students and welcome them to the internship program at Health City.

“Mr Connolly said he wished he had had the opportunity when he was young to enjoy a similar experience, as we stared into either banking or tourism,” Mr Thompson commented. “He acknowledged that our internships were a unique and special offer for the students and encouraged them to choose healthcare as a profession for Caymanians.”

The youth internship programme is one of the key initiatives identified during the launch of Health City Cayman Islands project, and will complement the development of medical research university planned in future phases over the next decade.