Partnering with Self-Insured Companies to Reduce Healthcare Costs

Health City Cayman Islands is committed to collaborating with companies around the world who have chosen to self-insure their employees. Health City Cayman Islands recognizes the considerable financial risk self-insured companies assume for their employees' health. We know it is paramount to control these costs through prevention and wellness programs, as well as partnering with medical care providers who can deliver high quality, affordable care.

At Health City Cayman Islands, we have created a new model of healthcare delivery that leverages the latest 21st century technology, making our operations efficient and economical. We are renowned for providing the best treatment options available, cost effectively. We will work with you to navigate ICD-9 coding, required forms, electronic medical records, and methods of communication that best meets the clinical needs of patients from the Cayman Islands, greater Caribbean, Americas, UK and Europe.

An Excellent Choice for Self-Insured Companies

We offer an all-inclusive single price called bundled pricing. The advantages of bundled pricing are threefold: transparency, so you know exactly what you are going to pay without any hidden costs; certainty, with precise, up-front costs for the entire surgical procedure/stay; and simplicity, with single-line billing to easily adjudicate claims. The savings to patients and self-insured companies are considerable. Please contact us for further details on estimates for all-inclusive procedural prices.

Our Patient Testimonials are just a small sampling of the thousands of patients who have received high quality care at Health City Cayman Islands – from restorative to lifesaving. You can also view videos in which patients or family members share their personal stories.

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