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A Dedicated Team of World-Class Physicians, Surgeons, and Allied Healthcare Professionals

Health City Cayman Islands works closely with referring primary and secondary care providers from around the world to ensure that care is coordinated and patient-centred. Through high levels of specialisation and data driven business practices, our tertiary care facility is able to accept patients who require advanced treatment or procedures that might otherwise be cost prohibitive, not covered, or inaccessible  within their existing network.

We believe that transparency and integrative technology are key components to making healthcare affordable and effective for everyone. We therefore provide referring physicians with real time access to their patient’s electronic medical records, test results, pre and post-surgical care plans, and rehabilitation recommendations through our online platform, Patient Portal. Our physicians and surgeons also provide a complimentary service, called Second Opinions, to evaluate prospective patient’s existing diagnoses and care plans to help them confirm and navigate the various treatment options available.