An Excellent Choice for Healthcare Professionals

Health City Cayman Islands Medical TeamAt Health City Cayman Islands we are changing the future of healthcare in terms of both cost and quality. Core to our approach is an enduring commitment to delivering the highest standards of care at a price that all patients can afford. We have achieved this by applying advanced technology and offering an all-inclusive single price called bundled pricing, which reduces unnecessary expenditures, increases productivity, and improves the patient pathway experience.

In April 2015, just over a year after Health City opened, our facility earned the prestigious Gold Seal of Approval from Joint Commission International (JCI), the worldwide leader in accrediting the quality of healthcare. We are the largest hospital in the Caribbean to be accredited by JCI, and our patient services reflect those high standards of care, including:

  • Infection and mortality rates that are the same or lower than most U.S. hospitals

  • Arrival to treatment for cardiac patients lower than international standard, at less than one hour

  • A staff and system that embodies and exemplifies the shared, primary goal of patient safety and confidentiality

  • Organization wide processes that support and advance sustainable business practices

  • Procedures and protocols that reflect our promise of delivering the highest standards of care and customer satisfaction

Our Patient Testimonials are just a small sampling of the many individuals who have received high quality care at Health City Cayman Islands – from restorative to lifesaving. You can also watch videos in which patients or family members have shared their personal experiences from their time at Health City.

As we continue to expand our facilities and service offerings, we strive to collaborate with talented healthcare professionals and organizations to streamline access to our growing medical network and resources:

Insurance Providers

Explore the benefits of becoming a Health City Cayman Islands network provider.

Doctors & Clinicians

Learn more about referring a patient under your care for advances services at Health City Cayman Islands.

Academic Institutions

We partner with other healthcare organizations to complement and advance community based medicine.

Government Entities 

We’re experienced in working with consulates, embassies and foreign agencies to sponsor patients needing Health City’s advanced services.

Self-Insured Companies

Explore our suite of services to provide your employees with access to compassionate, world class healthcare.

Medical Travel Facilitators

Our team of care providers works closely with medical tourism professionals to exceed the expectations of patients and families.