Personalized Care That Promotes Healing

Health City Cayman Islands provides affordable healthcare services in a state-of-the-art medical facility accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). The hospital was built on the philosophy that each patient deserves personalized care that alleviates stress and encourages healing. Our internationally trained team of physicians, surgeons, and patient care advocates strive to deliver compassionate, patient-focused medical care that restores health while reducing pain, tension, and anxiety.

Our 21st Century facility incorporates visual, tactile, and sensory healing elements while removing many of the traditional obstacles associated with hospital stays. Some of our modern amenities include:

  • Overnight stay for patient’s visitors
  • Light-filled waiting rooms with comfortable furniture and a calming design
  • 4-Star multicultural dining facility
  • On-site registered dietician to customize meal plans based on dietary needs, i.e., gluten free, heart healthy, and vegan options
  • Fragrant herb garden for natural aromatherapy and relaxation
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking
  • Four-Star Visitor's Café offering healthy and nutritious meal options in a buffet style dining experience prepared by Blue Cilantro, to see a sample of our menu, click here.

We're Here For You Every Step of the Way

From the very first time that you contact Health City Cayman Islands, a member of our Patient Care Relations Team will be at your side, virtually and in person. Each of our patient care advocates is committed to easing anxiety, addressing worries, and ensuring that every patient has a successful healthcare journey. At Health City Cayman Islands, you will not navigate this journey alone – we accompany you on this path, from admissions to discharge – and beyond.

Our Patient Care Team will assist you in the following ways:

  • Coordinate medical intake sessions via Skype and/or teleconference calls
  • Converse with your primary care physician and / or other care providers, as needed
  • Ensure seamless communications between you, your family, and our medical staff
  • Arrange all medical appointments, admissions, and discharge details
  • Serve as a single-point-of-contact for administrative matters
  • Manage streamlined billing and payment process

Patient Checklist

Although this may vary slightly depending on your condition, it is helpful to you have the following items handy before you call us.

  • Insurance information
  • Medical history including any implants
  • List of all current medications
  • Medical records and notes
  • Applicable test results and images

Health City Cayman Islands is not only one of the best international destinations for medical travellers, but a team of healthcare professionals that has created an environment which allows you to concentrate on what matters most – your health or that of a loved one.

To discover why Healthy City Cayman Islands is a premier destination medical center, please call us at 1 (345) 640-4040 or fill out our simple contact form. One of our Patient Care Team members will be happy to answer your questions.