Commitment to Patient Safety and Confidentiality

As a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital, Health City Cayman Islands follows JCI protocols and procedures in order to provide the highest level of patient safety. We continually review JCI patient safety best practices, educate staff, and implement patient safety measures throughout the organization.

Health City Cayman Islands strives to maintain a culture of patient safety and confidentiality. All of our team members follow established processes, procedures, and protocols to ensure that the hospital can deliver the highest standards of safety and security for all of its patients and visitors.

The following are just some of the JCI patient safety goals that Health City Cayman Islands practices in every clinical interaction.

  • Using multiple methods of patient identification
  • Standardizing communications to relay important information and patient details during transitions between caregivers, thereby reducing errors
  • Preventing falls through patient education at admission and encompassing a culture of fall prevention throughout the organization
  • Practicing medication adherence protocols:
  1. Recording and passing along correct information about a patient’s medicines
  2. Finding out what medications the patient is taking
  3. Comparing those medications to new ones prescribed to the patient
  4. Making certain the patient knows which medications to take when they are discharged to home
  5. Informing patients that it is important to bring up-to-date medication lists every time they visit a doctor

Infection prevention

  1. Hand washing to prevent the spread of infection and disease
  2. Use the hand cleaning guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization

Surgical error prevention

  1. Right patient, right surgery, right side protocols
  2. Mark the correct place on the patient’s body where the surgery is to be done
  3. Pause before the surgery for verbal confirmation among surgical team members to make sure that an error is not being made

Surgical site infection prevention

  1. Preoperative instruction to patients and caregivers for applying the preoperative skin cleaning product
  2. Establishing specific criteria for the correct management of specific types of wounds
  3. Warming interventions to ensure that the patient’s temperature is consistently maintained at the recommended range for optimal wound healing and infection prevention.
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