We Are Your Personal Health Concierge

At Health City Cayman Islands, we are not just one of the best international hospitals abroad for medical travel patients. We are a team of healthcare professionals who genuinely care for you. Our Patient Care Relations Team will take care of you from the start, and won’t stop caring until you have been successfully discharged and safely recovering.

An expert Patient Care Relations Team member will be assigned to you the day you contact us. You will be supported through all stages of your healing journey at Health City Cayman Islands. Think of this team member as your personal health concierge. The Patient Care Relations Team does everything that is required to make your healthcare experience a total success.

Our end-to-end concierge services include:

  • Coordinate medical intake sessions via Skype and/or teleconference calls
  • Schedule intake session with your primary care physician and/or other care providers, as needed
  • Arrange all medical appointments, admissions and discharge
  • Ensure seamless communications between you, your family and Health City medical staff
  • Serve as a single-point-of-contact for administrative matters
  • Organize your travel and accommodations
  • Manage billing and payment