International Patient Receives Emergency Cardiac Treatment at Health City

International Patient Receives Emergency Cardiac Treatment at Health City

(June 27, 2014) – A 55 year old female cruise ship passenger has been treated at Health City Cayman Islands for a suspected heart attack, enabling her to receive speedy attention for her condition that has been crucial to her successful recovery.

The patient, from Sarasota, Florida USA, was visiting Grand Cayman during a cruise with the Carnival cruise line which had initially left from Tampa, Florida.

The patient was physically fit, very health conscious and a keen diver with no prior cardiac history. She said she woke at 4am with chest pains, so the ship performed enzyme blood tests and suspected a heart episode.  After evaluation in Grand Cayman she was immediately sent to Health City whereby she was treated. During her treatment her husband stayed at The Reef Resort and following her successful recovery the couple returned home at the beginning of this week.

Dr Chandy Abraham, Medical and Facility Director at Health City, Cayman’s new private hospital specialising in cardiac surgery, cardiology and orthopedics, said the fact the patient had been treated in Cayman would greatly aid her overall recovery.

“In emergency situations such as this it is vital the patient receives excellent medical care as soon as possible after the cardiac event,” he said. “We were able to treat the patient as soon as she was sent to us. This is important because any delay in treatment for a heart episode can lead to a less successful recovery.”

Dr Chandy said the patient and her husband were extremely grateful she was able to receive medical care on island and did not need to be air-lifted to Miami for treatment, as would have been the case prior to the advent of Health City.

“They were also extremely grateful to the staff and physicians at Health City for the care, attention and concern shown during this worrying time,” he added.