International Patient Care Coordinator

International Patient Care Coordinator

An International Patient Care Coordinator is a member of the International Patient Care Team, reports to International Patient Care Manager, Department of Marketing. An International Patient Care Coordinator acts as a liaison and advocate between the patients and the healthcare system, pro-actively managing and coordinating patients’ entry into and through the health care process. Patient Care Coordinators work closely with facilitators, managing companies, charitable organizations, hospital administration, nursing, medical and non-medical staff, and the patient and loved ones to ensure the needs of the international patient are addressed, tracked and met within Health City Cayman Island’s parameters.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:                                                                                                

  • Is point of contact for the patient, from onset of inquiry to completion of care (as defined by Health City Cayman Islands)
  • Monitors and responds to inquiries from individuals and facilitators
  • Plays key role in the conversion process, working closely with info line, individuals, facilitators and physicians
  • Handles all logistics to ensure safe arrival and departure
  • Coordinates and communicates information regarding, visas, travel, accommodations and transfers
  • Orients and educates patients on the facility and Healthcare experience at HCCI
  • Acts as the patient liaison between the medical and non-medical staff
  • Manages and coordinates patient schedules, and keeps patient informed by continuously providing information
  • Professionally communicates with facilitator and adheres to company requirements
  • Acts as an advocate helping patient and loved ones resolve problems and concerns
  • Coordinates all necessary aspects of the patient’s needs in and out of the hospital
  • Coordinates post-operative care for patients
  • Arranges and follows up on post discharge home care and required medical follow up
  • Provides and collects patient feedback surveys and considers analysis for change
  • Develops and coordinates patient care programs
  • Develops and prepares patient communication and information tools
  • Is a key employee in creating a harmonious patient experience
  • Balances the needs of the patient and the hospital
  • Collaborates with all hospital staff to ensure patient safety and a service of excellence
  • Acts as a professional team member

Qualifications and Education Requirements

A minimum of 2 years’ experience in a health care setting or customer service in health care. Minimum education is High School Diploma, preferred 2-year college education or equivalent. Must be computer proficient and have strong understanding of medical terminology. Experience and/or education in international patient care preferred.

Preferred Skills

Patient Care Coordinators must be dependable, responsible, and flexible, as they will be required to be on call on a rotational shift, including evenings, weekends, and public holidays. They must have a strong understanding of patient pathways and needs. They must be able to work with individuals from a variety of cultures. They must be empathetic, caring, and compassionate. Bilingual: preferably English/Spanish.

Please submit a Cover letter and Resume to [email protected]