Health City Orthopedics Helps Local Patient Experience Pain-free Living

Health City Orthopedics Helps Local Patient Experience Pain-free Living

(September 4, 2014) – The first shoulder replacement surgery at Health City Cayman Islands was performed recently on a local resident by Dr. Alwin Santiago Almeida, Head of the hospital’s Department of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. The department is fully operational and has seen close to 70 patients since April, including total and partial knee replacements, hip replacements and foot surgeries.

Helping patients through a wide-range of orthopedic and sports treatment services is one of the many ways Health City Cayman Islands is expanding the healthcare services offered within the country. The Department of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine focuses on helping patients return to pain-free, functional lives through a range of services, from complex joint replacements and reconstructions, arthroscopic surgeries and deformity corrections.

Mr. Ed Solomon, received the shoulder replacement surgery due to severe arthritis in his right shoulder. Mr Solomon said he was impressed by the hospital and staff and the speed of getting the surgery.

“I feel so great following the surgery, and am thankful to Dr. Alwin and the kind, supportive team I met,” he said. “I was able to receive the surgery only a few days following my initial consult, and I am now able to move my shoulder and can feel a significant improvement even a few days following surgery. As a musician, this has greatly improved my mobility and I look forward to jamming at Hemmingway’s very soon.”

Dr. Alwin said the success of healing lies in the continuous care Health City Cayman Islands is able to provide the patient following surgery.

“It is rewarding to watch patients discover the joy of being pain-free and gain mobility they haven’t felt in years,” he said. “Providing ongoing support, continuous access to world-class surgeons, follow up appointments and accessible, quality care is one of the many ways we ensure our patients heal quickly.”

“Previously, patients would have had to fly off island for this surgery, or be placed on a waiting list for visiting surgeons, who typically visit Cayman twice yearly,” Dr. Alwin said.

Dr. Alwin has performed over 4,000 orthopedic surgeries to date in India, and has a strong academic and research background.