Health City Introduces Hospital Chaplain Services

Health City Introduces Hospital Chaplain Services

(October 29, 2014) – In celebration of Pastoral Care Week, Health City Cayman Islands is pleased to introduce Chaplain Charles D. Bush as the hospital’s Manager – Mission Integration & Spiritual Care. Chaplain Bush, who joined the hospital in June, is an active member of the interdisciplinary healing team at Health City, said Dr. Chandy Abraham, Medical and Facility Director at Health City. “As a part of a culture which values person-centered, holistic care, Chaplain Bush facilitates the spiritual and emotional care of our patients and their families, and also our staff,” said Dr Chandy. “He also provides collaborative leadership on initiatives to integrate our mission, vision and values into our system,” Dr. Chandy added.

“As a Caymanian, I am deeply honoured to be a member of the compassionate, world-class medical team at Health City Cayman Islands,” Chaplain Bush said. He earned a Master of Divinity from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. Chaplain Bush completed his clinical training in healthcare chaplaincy at Emory University Hospital and Gwinnett Medical Center, both in the Greater Atlanta area. His research areas include pastoral care, faith formation, mental health and outreach to youth at-risk. Chaplain Bush is certified by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education. He is an affiliate of the Association of Professional Chaplains and a commissioned Episcopal Lay Chaplain (Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta).

Holistic Model of Compassionate Healthcare Delivery

Chaplain Bush explained that “Chaplain Services is an element of our holistic model of healthcare in which the whole person is cared for: body, mind and spirit. Chaplain Services works in tandem with the medical team to deliver compassionate and exceptional healthcare to all,” he said. “At Health City, our patients have access to 24/7 Chaplain Services. To accomplish this goal, we are committed to a collaborative partnership with community faith leaders.”

To that end, Health City hosted a community clergy at a coffee and cake social on 18 September. Over thirty community clergy attended. Clergy were given a VIP tour of Health City and learned more about the vision and services of the hospital.  Attendees were also provided with an overview of Chaplain Services and introduced to the hospital’s Clergy Visitor accreditation process, which is open to all religious leaders.“Health City Cayman Islands is a multi-religious healthcare setting,” Chaplain Bush explained. “We celebrate diversity and affirm the common dignity of all persons, whoever they are and wherever they are on life’s journey,” he said.