Doctors on the Frontline

Doctors on the Frontline

Cayman Compass | by Catherine MacGillivray – May 28, 2020

Doctors in the Cayman Islands’ public and private hospitals have responded with a united call-to-arms since the coronavirus reached these shores.

Amidst the global pandemic, in which many overseas healthcare workers have lost their lives while treating COVID-19 patients, they have risen to the occasion with professionalism and large amount of personal bravery.

“This is a war-like situation,” said Dr. Yaron Rado, chairman of the board at Doctors Hospital. “The World Health Organization sent out a call-to-arms and we have responded. This is not a drill; we are the ground soldiers on the frontline. Doctors are dying, nurses are dying. They are risking their lives for the protection of our society.”

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