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Health City’s mission is to deliver world class healthcare that is both accessible and affordable.

Our team is dedicated to a culture of care because we know it’s all about the total patient experience. Therefore, we strive towards exceeding the expectations of our patients and their loved ones.

If you are looking for a hospital that is dedicated to quality, innovation and affordability, you can start your journey to healing with us. #healthcaretransformation

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19 hours ago
Our team is dedicated to a culture of care because it’s all about the patient experience. We strive towards exceeding the expectations of our patients & their families. Start your journey to healing with us. #healthcaretransformation
2 days ago
Dr. Archita has worked with world renowned physicians throughout her 10+ year career in respiratory care, gaining sound experience in managing multidisciplinary critical care units. She also oversees Health City's sleep lab and infection control team.
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3 days ago
We perform diagnostic imaging, radiology services, to facilitate primary diagnoses, early intervention, to obtain real-time moving images of a patient’s internal structures, disease treatment progress, pre-surgical testing, and post-surgery reviews.
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4 days ago
The most common bariatric surgery procedures are Roux-en-Y gastric bypass & sleeve gastrectomy. Our surgeons can perform these laparoscopically, which means making one or several very small incisions in the abdomen, rather than a major surgical incision.
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5 days ago
Our pediatric cardiologists have access to the most advanced cardiac radiology services to help diagnose and treat a wide variety of heart conditions and other structural and functional heart diseases using minimally invasive procedures. Learn more:
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5 days ago
As a @JCI_GoldSeal accredited hospital, the physicians and surgeons at @HealthCityCI adhere to the highest standards of medicine, delivering patient-focused, compassionate care.
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