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2 days ago
Advanced lung function testing and diagnostics enable our pulmonologists to develop effective, integrated treatment plans to meet a variety of pulmonary and critical care needs. See More HealthCityCI photo
7 days ago
An American citizen seeking medical treatment for heart failure has been successfully attended to by doctors at Health City Cayman Islands using a pioneering technique unavailable elsewhere in the region. HealthCityCI photo
1 week ago
We want to hear from you! What medical conditions or broader healthcare topics are you interested in learning more about? HealthCityCI photo
1 week ago
PCOS is 1 of the most common hormonal endocrine disorders in females, affecting 5 to 10% of those menstruating. Early diagnosis is important bc the disorder increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, & heart disease. HealthCityCI photo
2 weeks ago
. @HealthCityCI you do not have to navigate your healthcare journey alone. We will gladly accompany you on this path – from admissions to discharge – and beyond. Learn more about the ways our personal health concierge can assist you throughout the process: HealthCityCI photo
2 weeks ago
Our surgeons can pinpoint the heart tissues that cause irregular heartbeat using the latest generation 3D mapping systems. This allows them to make an accurate diagnosis and provide effective treatment of the underlying cardiac arrhythmia. HealthCityCI photo