Thoracic Surgery

Health City Cayman Islands Thoracic Surgery Services

Thoracic surgery refers to surgery that is performed inside the chest, also called the thoracic cavity, where the heart and lungs are located. Our thoracic surgeons perform delicate thoracic surgeries including peumonectomy, lobectomy, segmentectomy, wedge resection and other intricate procedures.

Thoracic surgery procedures are among the most complicated in the surgical field. They involve the use of some of the most precise, advanced medical technology used in surgery today. Surgical procedures are utilized for the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, to improve function of the heart and lungs, and to relieve pain and suffering in patients. We provide patients with gold standard performance in this highly technical, specialized field, and have performed thousands of successful complex thoracic surgeries that have improved the health and quality of life of these patients.

At Health City Cayman Islands, our thoracic surgeons perform complex thoracic surgeries including:

Decortication Of Lung
Resection Of Mediastinal Tumours
Lung Biopsy

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