Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery

Peripheral Nerve Conditions

The peripheral nervous system is a network of 43 pairs of motor and sensory nerves that connect the brain and spinal cord to the entire human body. The most common conditions of the peripheral nerves involve the median nerve and sciatic nerve. The median nerve provides sensation to the thumb, first, second, third, and part of the fourth finger. The sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the body, extending from the lumbar spine and buttocks down the back of the thigh.

Carpal tunnel syndrome
This is a common problem affecting hand function, caused by compression of the median nerve at the wrist. The nerve becomes chronically inflamed due to repetitive movements, such as computer keyboarding, painting, or playing the piano. If nonsurgical treatment such as splinting, bracing, or anti-inflammatory medications proves ineffective, surgery may be warranted. The most common surgical procedure is called carpal tunnel release, which is performed either with an open incision in the wrist, or using camera-guided endoscopy with a much smaller incision.
This is actually a symptom of underlying disorders that cause irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. The most common conditions associated with sciatica are lumbar disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, and spinal stenosis, but symptoms can also arise from spinal tumours, injuries, and even pregnancy. The pain is very distinctive, usually affecting only one side; described as burning, tingling or searing. Sciatica can involve weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving the leg or foot. Pain can be quite sharp when trying to stand up or walk after sitting for a period of time. Nonsurgical treatment includes bed rest, physiotherapy, low back conditioning and stretching exercises, pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatories.
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