Colorectal Surgery

We offer a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for colorectal and bowel conditions.

Colorectal surgery deals with repairs to the rectum, anus and colon, as well as being used in the treatment of cases of obstruction, injury or ischemia. Minimally invasive procedures are also available where the nature of the condition allows. Your colorectal surgeon will be able to recommend your best course of treatment after carefully considering your unique situation.

Our colorectal services include:

Colorectal cancer is the second most common tumours in men and women and the statistics show that this percentage has been increasing over the last 2 decades. The department offers services and is developing services to detect, treat and help patients with the disease and also to work to treat premalignant conditions that may lead to colorectal cancer.

1. Screening for colorectal cancer- Colonoscopy and Flexible sigmoidoscopy – This is the most effective and complete way to detect colorectal cancer even before it causes symptoms. The American college of Gastroenterology recommends screening at 50 ( at 45 years for African Americans because of a higher risk)

2. Colonoscopic polypectomy- This is done to remove polyps that have the potential to develop in to cancers over time.

3. Diagnosis and staging test. A diagnosis is made with colonoscopy and biopsies. Further scans are done for preparation for surgery.

4. Surgery: Modern colorectal cancer surgery has advanced to offer a multi disciplinarian approach Laparoscopic surgery has replaced open surgery in all elective settlings and in most emergency cases. Recovery after surgery has been transformed by the Enhanced Recovery Program which has improved recovery time and patients general condition so that it has been possible to have a patient ready to go home the next day.

5. Colonic stenting for obstruction – bowel blockages which can either open the blockage so that an emergency operation is avoided.

6. Chemotherapy has help a higher percentage of patients not to have recurrence of their tumors after surgery.

7. The development of a stoma care unit in the next 3 months will help all stoma patients on the island. This will also help patients with stomas to manage their appliances, to surgically deal with stoma problems.

8. Regular follow up clinics for colorectal cancer patients

9. Development of Palliative care services over the next 12 months

This is a specialized colorectal surgery clinic dealing with ano rectal conditions.

Hemorrhoids with banding or ‘painless’ hemorrhoidectomy using a Doppler guided dearterialization of the rectum, fistulas, fissures, prolapse of the rectum laparoscopic and perineal repairs, constipation

Pilonidal disease

Inflammatory Bowel disease:
Surgical evaluation and treatment of ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease

Complex Bowel fistula:
Abnormal connections between the bowel and bladder( Colo-vesicle) , vagina (colovaginal) or skin Colo cutaneous fistulas. These are complex post operative and infective complications that require multi disciplinary treatment.

General surgery:
Gall bladder, bowel problems, hernias- laparoscopic and open.

Health City Cayman Islands is accredited by Joint Commission International, with a superb surgical team that utilizes evidence-based techniques and cutting-edge medical devices to promote optimum patient outcomes.

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