Challenge your Own Beliefs

Challenge your Own Beliefs

By Stellerie Noyons, RD
Registered Dietician, Health City Cayman Islands

Halfway through the first month of a new year, and already you may find yourself starting to sway from your health and wellness goals. Sinister thoughts creep into your mind as you reach for that second (or third or fourth) cookie: “If only I had more willpower, I could stop eating so much junk food.”

But the truth is, portion control and healthful food choices are less about willpower and motivation, and more about your environment. Instead of beating yourself up for being ‘weak’, take a moment to assess your kitchen pantry.

What foods are stored that you know you can’t resist or always end up overeating? What foods do you know will derail you from your goals? A few examples could be cookies, ice-cream, crackers, chocolates, candies, sodas or fruit juices.

Remove these items from your house by giving them away. Or store them out of sight, in a cupboard you can’t easily reach. Most importantly, replace them with healthier snack options such as mixed nuts and seeds, fresh fruit, boiled eggs, string cheese or carrots and hummus. If you’re struggling to let go of sweet and sugary drinks, try sugar-free sparkling options.

No matter how much or little willpower you actually have, times of stress or boredom will ultimately lead to you choosing the easiest food options. By removing those foods, you make the choice to eat healthier that much easier.