Canadian Boxing Champ Retains Title While Fighting For Charity

Canadian Boxing Champ Retains Title While Fighting For Charity

HAMILTON, ONTARIO (June 22, 2017) – Canadian boxing champ and Hamilton, Ontario hometown hero Steven “The Piranha” Wilcox successfully defended his belt while fighting for a cause during his recent title bout in Canada.

Wilcox, who is now 17-2-1, retained his World Boxing Association-North American Boxing Association (WBA-NABA) Super Lightweight title by defeating Oscar Arjona from Mexico (13-6-0) in a unanimous decision.

A Sports Ambassador for Health City Cayman Islands, Wilcox is donating a portion of his fight purse to the Have a Heart Cayman Islands charity.

The professional boxing match was presented by Three Lions Promotions at the Hamilton Convention Center on Saturday, June 3 and Three Lions’ Dan Otter has also confirmed that the company will be donating all of the proceeds from the event to Have a Heart Cayman Islands.

Have a Heart Cayman Islands partners with local and international organizations to subsidize and provide pediatric heart surgery.

“With Steven’s generous commitment and continual efforts, he is helping to provide lifesaving heart surgery to children around the world,” said Nicola Banks, Director of Health City Cayman Islands’ Canada Office.

All proceeds from title bout to benefit Have a Heart Cayman Islands.

Wilcox won all 10 rounds of the title match against a tough opponent in Arjona. The fight was a rematch between the two, following Wilcox’s loss in a controversial split decision in Mexico in December 2016

During the June 3 rematch, Wilcox dislocated his thumb in the seventh round after knocking Arjona down to the canvas two times.

Wilcox used only his left jabbing hand for the remainder of the seventh round and the additional three rounds, putting one hand behind his back at one point in the eighth round to illustrate that he was fighting one-handed.

The other main event of the evening featured Hamilton champion, current NCC and WBA Canadian Super Welterweight title holder Kevin Higson (11-1-0), who defeated Martin Islas (11-3-0) of Mexico City, in a split decision.

Prior to his June 3 victory, Wilcox most recently defeated Argentina’s Jorge Luis Rodriguez in a March 18 match, resulting in a unanimous decision after an eight-round super lightweight contest held at the Powerade Center in Brampton, Ontario.

Wilcox was chosen to represent Health City Cayman Islands following a visit he made to Grand Cayman in January this year to participate in the Island Rumble boxing showcase, hosted by reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao.

While in the Cayman Islands, Wilcox toured the tertiary care facility and met with children who were receiving cardiac surgery with the support of Have a Heart Cayman Islands.

Wilcox also took the opportunity to learn more about the hospital’s expertise in sports medicine, and met with Dr. Niranjan Nagaraja, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon at Health City Cayman Islands.

Health City Cayman Islands’ Canadian office, which is based in Wilcox’s hometown of Hamilton, works with its board of Canadian Board of Advisors to facilitate Canadian patients receiving healthcare services at Health City.