This institution is a reflection of a holistic approach to health and medicine. The kindness and care (my husband) has received has been more than just medical treatment. The staff have not only provided quality care, but have prayed for us. We have just been very blessed. We will remember this experience at Health City fondly. It’s been life-changing.
Charlotte Walton, Wife of Patient
Charlotte Walton


I did research and was looking online for places for a total hip replacement. I had a number of options in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, but where could you go to beat the Cayman [Islands] to recover for a couple of weeks? This place is just unbelievable - the quality of care, the quality of facilities, specialists, nurses, technicians, food … everything’s just been top notch.
Michael Lepley, Patient
Michael Lepley

Thanks to all our friends who sent best wishes to Robert. The Shetty Hospital and its great team immediately diagnosed his heart issue and put in two new stents to alleviate things. He was back in his room by 6 and by 7 was eating steak for supper!
John Hurlstone
John Hurlstone

In the States, if an ambulance pulls into a hospital, you never see a doctor until you’ve been processed inside. When I got here, Dr. Ravi met me. He made me feel at ease with all the experience he had.
Rod Linkous, Patient
Rod Linkous

We appreciate the attention and skill of Dr. Ravi Kishore and his entire team of doctors and nurses. Professional, compassionate, and kind, every single one. We felt like friends with every person we met from food service personnel to the top doctor … We are more than grateful.
Donna Linkous, Wife of Patient
Donna Linkous

We were visiting a friend at the Health City... and just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the staff that helped out in every way. All of the staff involved were amazing, and your level of kindness and professionalism during this time was first class. You are doing great work and we cannot thank you enough for your commitment to providing quality care! Thank you again.
Nick Jackson, Friend of Patient

I would like to thank you and your staff for the exceptional care given to me (and witnessed as given to others) ... if this is the typical standard by which your hospital functions, statistically speaking, Health City has a business model that should not fail its patients or its benefactors. I would recommend treatment at Health City Cayman Islands to anyone.
Ivan McLean, Patient