Incorporating Nature's Restorative Properties

A quiet, peaceful paradise with crystal clear turquoise water and warm tropical winds might be the most tranquil place on earth to receive medical care. Health City Cayman Islands built just such a special place, delivering state-of-the-art high quality medical services in an environment that promotes recovery and healing by incorporating light and nature.

The aesthetic use of glass throughout our facility creates light-filled areas that allow sunlight to enhance recovery and restoration of our patients’ health. Patients and their families can also experience a sense of serenity in our fragrant herb-filled garden.

Dr. Chandy Abraham, Former Facility Director and Head of Medical Services, said it best:

We believe our patients deserve not only the best medical treatment, but also the most respectful, thoughtful and effective recovery in a soothing environment. In fact, our hospital is specially designed to allow lots of natural light and views of greenery to be part of the healing process. It is noteworthy that the Health City Cayman Islands complex is surrounded by magnificent greenery. Mrs Margaret Barwick, a world-renowned gardener, has created a landscape masterwork that will be studied by experts for years to come, not only for its beauty, but also for the indigenous healing and healthy plants which grow here.”

A Culture of Calm

Our philosophy at Health City Cayman Islands reflects the warm, spiritual people and culture of the Cayman Islands. This unique philosophy of life is called “Caymankind”, which speaks to the richness and diversity of our islands' people, history, resources, and traditions. Caymankind is a feeling of joy, a reminder to savour life's most precious gifts – family, love, and honour. From the friendly smiles of our caring staff – to lifesaving state-of-the-art operations performed pro bono, you will discover that Health City Cayman Islands embraces Caymankind in everything we do.

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