Healthcare Explorers

Students from primary school through to university can study, explore and be inspired to become the next generation of Caymanian doctors, nurses, technicians, scientists, researchers, therapists, dieticians, radiographers, and so much more. The opportunities are endless!

Healthcare Explorers is our award-winning educational program which provides a range of learning opportunities to get students excited about careers in the medical and healthcare fields.

We have a deep commitment to education. Our rich, educational experiences have provided over 27,000 educational opportunities to students in the Cayman Islands since June 2014 when we began with our first class of 18 students.

Through Healthcare Explorers, we aim to create programs that encourage students to pursue paths to rewarding careers in medicine and allied health. We understand the importance of educating Cayman's students in these areas. Our country's future success depends on a steady supply of highly trained and capable young people.

Advancing the education of Cayman's youth requires collaboration among industry, educators and families. As a healthcare leader, we are committed to providing programs for our country’s young people that educate and inspire them to become the medical and allied health professionals of tomorrow.

Academic Grants, Scholarships and Graduation Awards

Health City is pleased to provide a number of academic grants, scholarships and graduation awards to the local community.

Career Fairs

We attend many of Cayman’s career fairs throughout the year to get kids excited about a career in medicine or healthcare. Contact us if you would like to explore having us take part in your career fair.

Explorer Internship

We offer university students on a medical track the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the medical field through a one-month Explorer internship. The internship is a minimum of 120 hours and includes a stipend of CI$1,000.

Interns meet with a mentor weekly to review and assess their work and identify opportunities for further growth. While interns may express preferences for particular areas, they should note that they will also be assigned to several departments during their internship month in order to provide a broad experience. A limited number of spaces are available annually so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. Explorer Internships are only open to Caymanians and Permanent Residents.

Explorer Internship Application

On-Campus Field Trips

We are excited to be able to offer in person field trips once again, for the first time since the pandemic started. Field Trips are open to students in govt school years 4 and up (or the private school equivalent)

On-Campus Field Trip Application Packet

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips allow students to connect virtually with Health City’s doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Take a tour of the hospital. Explore interesting topics like anatomy or nutrition and have a Q&A session with one of our doctors or allied health professionals. The use of technology allows your class to walk the halls of our hospital, gain access to areas you wouldn’t usually see, and to get up close and engage with our team.    

Virtual Field Trip Application Packet

Secondary School Work Experience

Health City provides secondary students with the opportunity to gain insight into the hospital and medical careers. Work experience is open to Year 10 to 12 students who, as a part of their school curriculum, are required to undertake work experience placements. 

 Work experience undertaken at Health City allows students to:

  • Observe a variety of work and roles being undertaken within the hospital
  • Ask questions about working in a hospital
  • Gain insight into the range of medical and allied health careers available at Health City

Places will be offered on a first come first serve basis and applications will close as soon as all places have been filled.

Shadow a Doctor or Nurse

Shadowing a doctor or nurse is a great way to find out if a career in medicine might be right for you. Offered during school breaks, our Shadow a Doctor or Nurse  program provides students with an opportunity to gain insight into working in a hospital and what a typical day as a doctor might look like.

The program is offered to students undertaking Grades 9-12. Students participating in the program are given an opportunity to spend their placement working within available departments to observe and participate in the daily activities of those departments.

Shadow a Doctor or Nurse Application Form

STEM Day Camp

Our STEM Day Camp is held annually, in August, and is a free event for children 10-14 years old. The inclusive for all camp provides an accessible way for children to explore medical and healthcare topics through games and challenges, hands-on experiences and learning opportunities. We are collaborating with Inclusion Cayman to ensure this is an Inclusive Camp for all.

The Camp is not only fun-filled and educational, but provides students with:

  • A broader view of the world
  • An appreciation of community
  • Insight into their own skills, interests and passions
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other children
  • Self-confidence and leadership skills
  • Opportunities for creative problem-solving

STEM Day Camp 2022 will be held on 13 August 2022 at Gardenia Court, Camana Bay, just behind our Health City at Camana Bay clinic. Please note that, although not required under government guidelines for outdoors events, masks are strongly encouraged in order to protect unvaccinated children, particularly our more vulnerable campers.

STEM Day Camp Application Form

STEM Educational On-demand Videos

Healthcare Explorers has been providing Cayman schools with unique learning experiences that align with curriculum since its inception.

Our on-demand STEM educational videos are available for use by both private and public schools of the Cayman Islands, free of charge. Our catalogue consists of videos we have produced in the areas of biology, physics and chemistry and are suitable for both primary and secondary school students. They offer great opportunities to add depth to a unit of work, or as unique, stand-alone learning experiences.

Gain access today to our extensive catalogue of videos.

On Demand Videos Order Packet

View On-demand Videos Flyer (PDF)

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2. YOU AGREE, further to number two above, to complete an order form for each unique use of the video. For example, if you ordered the video for instruction and later want to use it for revision, you agree to complete an order form for revision.
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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

SURF is the premier internship program for Caymanian university students who study or intend to study medicine. Our program has been developed over many years with considerable focus on offering interns broad exposure during their training. We provide a welcoming environment and comprehensive orientation, a broad case mix with great learning opportunities, and strong supervision and teaching. SURF Fellows receive a CI$1,000 stipend.

Our interns are mentored by one of our world-class doctors, attend lectures led by our specialist experts and, when possible, have the opportunity to view surgeries. Our dedicated doctors are passionately committed to the program and to providing the support and guidance needed to our SURF Fellows to help them achieve their goals and future career aspirations.

The application period for SURF 2023 is now open. To apply please click here.

UCCI School of Nursing

Health City is a rotation site for students in the University College of the Cayman Islands School of Nursing. Beginning in the second semester of their second year, students gain invaluable experience at our tertiary-care hospital. Placements are arranged through the School of Nursing directly.

For more information, please email .