Giving Patients Access to Global, Affordable Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Health City Cayman Islands is built on the premise that every patient deserves access to affordable, first-rate healthcare. That is our pledge to every patient and the promise that lies at the very core of our mission.

Health City Cayman Islands is committed to delivering world-class healthcare that is accessible and affordable for all, including those who are poor and vulnerable, through innovative, internationally staffed and recognized medical centers of excellence. Our centers are characterized by compassionate and exceptional experiences for patients and staff, high quality, and affordable, and reflect a world culture and healing environment that are comfortable for any guest from around the world.

At Health City Cayman Islands, we have created a new model of healthcare delivery and hospital tourism, built from the ground up. The Health City Cayman Islands’ model leverages the latest 21st-century technology, making our operations efficient and economical. From world-class specialists – to beginning-to-end concierge services for you and your family – we will go above and beyond to ensure that your experience is exceptional in every way.

Medical Care in a Resort Setting

While the Caribbean is best known for its gorgeous natural surroundings, luxurious accommodations, and unsurpassed hospitality – historically its residents have not had access to a wide array of medical care options close to home. Health City Cayman Islands is supported by a major healthcare organization: Narayana. So when we opened our doors, a new and exciting frontier of high quality medical care was created for citizens and medical tourists visiting the Caribbean. The hospital features beautiful interior and landscape design, resort amenities, and a tranquil setting that alleviates stress and encourages healing. Our medical innovations include minimally invasive surgery, which results in faster recovery and reduced pain for our patients.

One Bundled Rate

According to Patients Beyond Borders, there were an estimated 11 million medical tourists worldwide in 2014, with 1.2 million travelling from the U.S. The worldwide medical tourism market is growing at an estimated rate of 15 to 25%, fuelled by rising medical costs and access to care issues. If you live in a country with government-sponsored healthcare, you may still be responsible for a portion of the total cost. Depending on insurance deductibles and co-pays, it may be more economical to obtain high quality medical care outside your country.

By deploying principles that streamline our workflows, we are able to improve communications and maximize safety for every process at our facility – from the intake of supplies to pre-surgical preparation to patient discharge. We also offer patients one all-inclusive bill called bundled pricing. The advantages of bundled pricing are threefold: transparency, so you know exactly what you are going to pay without any hidden costs; certainty, with precise, up-front costs for the entire surgical procedure/stay; and simplicity, with single-line billing to easily adjudicate claims.

Our bundled rate encompasses the following:

  • Initial consultation
  • All physician visits up to 2-weeks post-surgery
  • Related physician-ordered laboratory and imaging
  • Surgical and physician fees
  • Operating room fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Implant costs
  • Inpatient accommodation and meals
  • Medications up to 5% of package price
  • Postoperative physiotherapy
  • Airport transfers
  • Transport to and from hotel if applicable

If you are considering a medical travel experience, there is no better place to receive care than at our state-of-the-art, JCI-accredited medical center. We are committed to providing seamless service to exceed your expectations and let you can concentrate on what matters most – your health or that of a loved one.

To discover why Healthy City Cayman Islands is a premier destination medical center, please call us at 1 (345) 640-4040 or fill out our simple contact form. One of our Patient Care Team members will be happy to answer your questions.